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Run The World Season 2 Premiere

Another day at the Harlem International Film Festival had us screening the first 2 episodes of the new season of Run The World on Starz. We never heard of this series until now but like they say better late than never. The series set in Harlem centers around a group of women who tries to balance out the professional world and relationships. Season 1 wrapped up in July 2021 and Season 2 starts on May 26th. Written and created by Leigh Davenport from Boomerang and co executive produced by Yvette Lee Browser. The series have potential to be another hit for the Starz network.

The two episodes that we screened picks up where the last season left off. Since we don't know what happen based on our lack of knowledge we'll just critique what the episodes are for a first time watcher. The girls return from Mexico and faces uncertainty about their next move. One friend has been left at the alter, another is starting up her own agency and then one have to readjust her relationship by co parenting. The episode titled Dream Deferred fits perfectly as the girls tries to help each other while having their own issues. The shots of various points in Harlem sets the tone for the next scene. The episode sets the tone for the season where the fans will see a lot of unpredictability and somber moments between the friends. The second episode titled Honeymoon's Over where the scene shifts to where the girls are still trying to gain footing in their new environments. You can tell the writers were thinking about how to expand on each subject without overlap or under development. The second episode is slightly better than the first. The first starts the push but the second episode really pushes the ball uphill to continue momentum. The conflicts between the professional world and relationships starts to build and the girls starts to choose what's best for them.

The screening of both episodes was a great break of the films sandwiched between but it's nice to see more shows featuring successful black women gets some serious shine and notice. Now we have to play catch up and watch the first season to prepare for May 26th.


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