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The Queue.

We was at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival this year and we posted before we did not get to see all the movies that we wanted or needed to see. One movie for example "The Queue" was getting good reviews and we missed the screening during the short film set titled "Nightmare Fuel" at the festival. However due to some talking we was able to get another chance to review and the short film did not miss at all. The Queue is a 11 minute film about a internet content moderator who is new on the job and encounter strange happenings on his first day. Directed by Michael Rich , The Queue brings modern technology into the horror scene with a different take. As the moderator watches video after video you get a sense that it not long before something happens and it does. The scenes get a little more shocking and suspenseful up until the very end. For a short film there is a lot of moments to get you frightened and a little nervous about watching videos online. We must admit that watching the movie made us a little hesitant on going online for a bit. The film is definitely one that should be watched every Halloween because it's that scary. A short horror film for today's modern times. Highly recommended.


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