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Tribeca Immersive Panels

The opportunity to attend a couple of panels peaked our interest at the Tribeca Film Festival. We got a chance to check out one panel discussing the impact of immersive art in activism and another discussing the breakdown of creating a prequel to one of science fiction's most popular series. The first panel titled Activism in Action was a great insight into three immersive artists used activism along with their personal stories to create their art and the effects of letting the world see. We were truly impressed by the topics that ranges from race to cultural backgrounds to the form of immersive art being a great format for expression. All three panelists kept us informed on why they chose immersive and also the reason or meaning behind their storytelling in the art form. From what the panel presented we got a deep sense and understanding of how race can play a significant role in storytelling in immersive art. This was a definitely a eye opener for us and made us keep a eye out for more spatial storytelling dealing with a social justice feel to it.

The next panel we was able to witness was about the Expanse series which is very popular in the gaming world. The narrative and game directors both talked about how the game was put together with different challenges and choices to keep the player engaged throughout the duration of play. Learning more about how the process of creating scenes especially when the main character is pregnant! It was quite the ride as the directors break down how to create different movements and sequences around the actors schedules. Knowing that they need to incorporate new ideas the directors used life or death scenarios to invigorate the established universe. When the lead designer comes in to discuss how the scenes and backgrounds were designed it was a massive challenge because of the challenges that were created to help players and keep them engaged. A great panel that paid attention to detail to the series and help us prepare for the next chapter of Expanse.


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