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Vision Festival 2023: Joëlle Léandre

We are here for the Arts For Arts Vision Festival 2023 in Brooklyn. We got to check out the performance of Tiger Trio who opens up the performance with a robust energy where each instrument is compliment one another. Less experimental and more in tune with the pace of the environment. The trio gives the audience quite a thrill. Three songs or I should say pieces because each piece is completely different and quite fascinating. The trio iwere complimented the art work of its leader Joelle Léandre who the festival was celebrating by giving her the lifetime achievement award. The trio who performs very sporadically was in a joyful position as they weave through each selection with ease and comfortability. Their set was a treat for longtime fans and listeners but for new ears like us we did not know the set list so it could be a bit hard to grasp. However if you are a fan of avant-garde and free jazz then you will have no issues with the set.

They gain new fans from us as we was mesmerized by the plucking of the piano to the vocals of Nicole Mitchell along side her flute. The selections were interesting because it was a combination of songs from their catalog with some improvisations. It was a delightful experience to start off the evening and definitely foreshadowed what was to happen next. Fred Moten one of the great cultural theorists, graced the stage to recite one of his pieces that ranges from relationships between humans to relationships of one's culture. The piece could be considered enlightening but for us it was more amusement because of the tone that Fred continued to speak through and to the audience very descriptive. It was a treat seeing Fred perform in this setting. The bass playing of Joëlle fits the writing perfectly with subtle thumps and vibrant pulls set the scene right. We didn't realize that it was a hour performance (it felt short to us) nonetheless it was a fantastic piece by two of the best in their field.


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