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Winter Film Awards 2023

This week we was able to cover the 2023 Winter Film Awards. We had the opportunity to meet filmmakers whose films will be featured at this year's festival at the opening night gala in the Flatiron District Thursday February 16th. Many in the independent film world showed up and showed out for the gala. It was a successful event and great setup for the rest of the week that the festival runs which is from Feb. 17 - 24.

From there we unfortunately had to skip the first day of films but was able to get the next day which was called documentary day since nothing but documentaries were showcased that day. There were some brilliant documentaries that we love will discuss in a later post. Next visit is Bloody Sunday where horror shorts and features is the focal point on Sunday(pun intended) we also will discuss Bloody Sunday in a separate post. The schedule is posted on the website:

Click the link for information about the entire festival.

Also we will have the opportunity to interview the founder of the festival and discuss the inspiration behind this year's theme and what it took to bring the festival back during the pandemic. We will post that interview on the Audiomack or Patreon link. That's it for now check us out for more posts during the week as we wind down the festival from beginning to the Awards ceremony.


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