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Yoshiki: Under The Sky

Yoshiki: Under The Sky is a documentary with performances from all over the world. Yoshiki is a producer who produces some of the biggest songs and for his birthday he wanted to do a grandiose concert. Various artists share the stage with him performing songs that he produced. Filmed during the height of the pandemic it can give 2020 vibes but the music gets you through it. Yoshiki, a superstar producer and musician gives a insight into his life and journey to become one of Japan's biggest musicians but also gives us a look into how he got some of his favorite musicians to perform at his birthday concert.

Filmed during the height of the pandemic you see the masks wearing, six feet separation and distancing throughout the film even when Yoshiki is being interviewed, there is a huge screen displaying all the journalists talking to him one at a time via zoom. Then throughout the film you go on this journey navigated through Yoshiki's career. From metal to classical you see the growth and curiosity that made him one of Japan's most influential musicians and biggest stars. The cast of musicians that he works with shows up in various performance scenes like The Chainsmokers (USA), St. Vincent (USA), Sarah Brightman (England), Scorpions (Germany), HYDE (Japan), SUGIZO (Japan), SixTONES (Japan), Jane Zhang (China), Lindsey Stirling (USA), Nicole Scherzinger (USA). They were very significant because you see how music connecting Yoshiki to each artist and how they work well together.

Under The Sky is a good documentary that showcases the subject in his best element: composing and producing music. It also shows how music was very helpful helping people during the pandemic. Another point is the connection that Yoshiki have with his fans is very emotional. You will probably cry during certain scenes. A nice emotional journey is what Under The Sky is and it works it to perfection.


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