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The Flourish Party 8/18/17

Another art exhibition in Brooklyn and I am here for the festivities. I stumbled upon this in my inbox and decided to make the trip to Williamsburg. The Flourish Party showcased photography from Carl Cornelius. Here at Kinfolk 94 the photos was up and the people kept coming in and admiring the pictures. DJ Greedy was providing the soundtrack for the atmosphere. I was surprised by how intimate the spot look for this event. 

The photos was great. Each one show a location where Carl traveled or cross paths at some point. I think each picture was to dictate what was the agenda or sparked a emotion from the photographer. There was a video on the wall that kept looping showing a traveler in different locales. The video was great with the music playing in the back. There was aslo a drawing session taking place to the side of the photos. It seem entertaining but of course my drawing skills is garbage so I took no parts of it. The show ran until 10 then the afterparty started. I didn't stay for that of course, I went back to the lab to finish this. 

Here was another great photo exhibition in Brooklyn but this time people showed out. Maybe it was for the DJ or maybe it was for the artist. Either way it was great to see the visual art scene still thriving in the city despite the drastic changes in demographics. Add to the fact that it was a black folk affair that made it extra special. I may go to the next one and if not you should just for the people and arts. 

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