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Opening Night at the Queens Hip Hop Festival

I was able get into Queens Museum Friday night to witness the opening reception of the 2nd annual Queens Hip Hop Festival. I got inside after walking through Flushing Meadows for the first time at night. It was quite a experience getting to the museum and seeing the brightness of the unisphere sculpture with the people around it. Once inside DJ Fatfingaz had the party jumping by playing nothing but Queens hip hop(why of course) and the people inside was enjoying the atmosphere and environment. I didn't get a chance to go last year but since this was my first time I wanted to soak it all in. Even though it was a open space it felt enclosed due to the people moving around and the music flowing. Since it was just one floor open I got to see the latest merchandise and plans for the weekend. I must say it was dope to see people come out to Queens to acknowledge the history of hip hop from Q-boro.

I got to thank Queen of Astoria for putting this together and hopefully keeps it going. I am glad to witness it firsthand and will do my part to spread the word. For more information on next year's festival go to

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