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Friday Night Live: Cloud Events DC CitySesh

Recently I came across a event that peak my interest: CitySesh NYC which is about the culture revolving around weed. Now I am not a weed head or chronic smoker but I do believe in the deregulation of marijuana and the laws that criminalized so many minorities to this very day. I figure let me read up on this before I can consider even making a trip there. First off since the marijuana laws is so strict in NYC that these events can't be advertised or they would be shut down by the NYPD. I did my reading on the events in DC and was amazed how free these events are out in the open due to the laws on weed in the DMV area. I wonder why New York isn't bringing these laws to a end and there is a lot of reasons one can come up to determine why. Of course the first thing that comes up is money as in money from prisons to fill them up or from the government.

Anyhow back to Cloud Events DC, they seem to have everything in order to bring this festival to the Big Apple. I am proud to say I will be covering it to the best of my ability after all I will be literally in a cloud(no pun intended) so go to to rsvp(now it's paid admission) for the secret location and once you get the email you will be able to go there and indulge in 420 themed activities such as edibles, oils and musical performances. There will be a art exhibit as well. If you a rolling stoner in the city looking to find out what's good in the cannabis community feel free to rsvp at the link above and take it from there.

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