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New Music Alert: Permission "Permission Industrial"(1 Rule Supersedes)

I haven't been writing too much about music these days mainly because today's music(mainly rap) has been trash or completely saturated it taste like orange juice concentrate from Brazil. I have been laying low and browsing online to find something to help me out of my funk. I been on a adult site(nothing crazy just networking) and someone messaged me about my post looking for musicians to write about. We talked a bit and he sent me a link to his band's music and I said I'll check it out and get back to you. I listen to the song a couple of hours and said that my reaction to the song was terrific to bridge the public with the people that's involved with fetish world. Yes I am looking at sexual fetishes but I am doing it for the blog in my usual interview role. Back to the song I felt was well written and properly allows the listener go into the dominant side without being overwhelmed. You hear both sides of the power trip in the lyrics.

I love the video(both versions there's a r rated version too) I post the link for the video below for your enjoyment and let me know what you think. Also the band is doing a free sticker promo and for more information on that check out the site:

For info on the band go to

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