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Day 7 but Day 3 for Me.

I been touch and go with keeping up with the Tribeca Film Festival lately. I will be posting some of the reviews in later posts especially of Lil' Buck, his documentary is completely mind blowing. Day 3 or Day 7 for me was very compacted. Between the Hub and traveling to the red carpets is a bit of a task but willing to keep the energy going. I witnessed another Cinema 360 theme this time it was Change is gonna come where people who made changes in society whether through racial relations or gun control. The most inspiring short was Ashe '68 which depicts the year when Arthur Ashe won the US Open and how it affected his thought process in the future. The most riveting short was Accused #2 in which Walter Sisulu who was Nelson Mandela's mentor and friend is on trial along with Mandela. The short condensed over 200 hours of audio since there was no visual evidence of the trail. 12 Seconds of Gunfire is a heart wrenching short that depicts a school shooting in South Carolina. A girl is traumatized by her friend's death goes through many emotions. She doesn't know how to deal with it and decides to write a letter.

Cinema 360 is definitely one of my favorite highlights by far especially where animation and technology is becoming the new wave into cinema. The storytelling is riveting also, I am impressed by the writing from all ranges.

I got a chance to view the rooftop with some White Walker whiskey(Johnnie Walker) and waiting for the next conversation in the Nespresso lounge. Props to the festival for keeping me hydrated in so many ways.

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