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Prismatic Ground 2023 Opening Night

It's been a while since the last post and that's because there's too much going on. For example we been at least 4 film screenings since the last post and getting up to speed. That's enough complaining. Let's talk about the opening night of the 2023 Prismatic Ground Festival which happened on May 3rd at the Museum of Moving Image. The opening night film was "Hello Dankness" directed by the Soda Jerk duo. This was our first experience with "sample cinema" where clips of different films are cut and positioned in a way that audiences will think that they're part of the film. Little did we know about this but the movie was very entertaining. Also very insightful with the various references to events happening within the last seven years. This film is quite the feature with the various clips that they use to adapt to today. Clips from various movies and memes flood the screen and sends the viewer through a time warp.warped. We appreciate the usage of 90s films to relate with the carryons of today. Seeing Boyz in the hood splice with House Party split with the Money Pit is incredible to witness as they all can relate. We was amazed by the techniques use to orchestrate each scene to be precise and well connected. A magnificent job by the Soda Jerk team for a fantastic cinema experience. A great film to start off the festival.


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