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#NewMusicAlert Therman Munsin "Evil Empire"

I realized that somehow Therman Munsin isn't going to stop putting out heat and for that I just got to accept it and post. He just released another banger "Evil Empire" featuring Big Twins from Infamous Mobb. Given to the fact that Therman is no stranger to my new or old blog, I always give him respect because he is highly underrated in this game called rap. The bars are ferocious and batters your eardrums slowly then the beat continues to smack you upside the head. Big Twins is no slouch either given what been happened recently(RIP Prodigy) he continues to weather the storm with a appearance like this and I hope he continues to bless the mic as a QB representative would. As LeVar Burton would say "you don't have to take my word for it" Listen below for yourself and comment.

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