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A2IM Indie Week 2019

Here at the New York Law School for the first time for the 10th annual Indie Week presented by A2IM (American Association of Independent Music). I didn't know where to go to so once I grabbed a booklet I ascended upstairs to the Jaxsta lounge where cold brew and water is served. Found a seat and now decided to write out my plans for the week. I stayed for some conferences but in reality I was here for the showcases and who would be the next big pop star or great one. Since everything about this week was independent the music kept the theme going. I must admit for a first time visitor I definitely learned quickly who was who and where to go. I wasn't in NY Law School for long once the conferences was over I ventured out to the showcases. The first showcase I ventured to at the legendary Pianos Bar on Ludlow. Eight bands was performing (3 upstairs, 5 downstairs) Radiant Baby, a Canadian pop band started things off with a sonic boom as their pop synthesizer sound blasting through the speakers. They also played upstairs as well. Throughout the night food was served along with free drinks while the bands played. Each set from each band provided a wide range of genre while keeping the independent spirit.

I went to the Libera Awards for the first time last night and was blown away by the amount of top people from the independent scene could fit in one place. The ceremony took place in the Ziegfeld Ballroom and it was a elegant venue. The ceremony which saluted the best in independent music worldwide did not disappoint as Kamasi Washington got 3 awards included Album of the year. I knew of a few artist who were nominated but for the most part it was a learning experience as I realize that I need to venture into independent music more. I was shocked Awkafina won best rap album over Junglepussy and August Greene(Common & Robert Glasper) and impressed by Bad Bunny winning best latin album despite some strong competition. The performances kept the crowd alive as performers like Kadjha Bonet and Deva Mahal provided soulful and intimate performances. The highlight performance was from Sunflower Beam as lead singer Julia Cumming grabbed a drink from a table and drank it while singing. If that wasn't rock then I don't know what is. Hiss Golden Messenger closed out the night with a empowering performance. I loved the movement of the show it was paced smoothly and no mistakes in the process. I commend them for that. I hope to be there next year.

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