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Movie Time: The Tuba Thieves

It's Movie Time now and even though awards season is over doesn't mean that we haven't stop watching films. Matter of fact we got a chance to review a new independent film that will be premiering tomorrow in Brooklyn titled The Tuba Thieves. It's a movie where over a period where a couple of California high schools were robbed of their tubas and what it's like to listen to sounds. The theft of the tubas is not the focal point of the film, it's a foundation of what happens when one loses hearing and why listening to sounds can be soothing yet frustrating to those who are hard of hearing. As the film starts you see the time stamps where the tubas were stolen and how deaf students are affected by the loss of instruments. From there you hear sounds that people hear daily and why deaf people are appreciative of hearing. Two stories run parallel in the film a deaf woman named Nyke Prince and a high school drum major named Geovanny Marroquin. The tubas being stolen from Geovanny's high school connects to everyday noise pollution and from you notice how all noises are connected.

The Tuba Thieves is a audio sensory film catered to those who talk through visuals and uses ASL( American Sign Language) to communicate. There is close captioning through the entire film along with visual language. It is a excellent visual experience curating by sounds. We think that the filmmaker made sure that the audience was involved so they can make sense what surrounds them. This is a interesting take on how films are created. Instead of focusing on vision the focus of this film is using hearing to depict what's happening around them. Even though the title would make you think that sound is being robbed but the story is about how important sound is and why it can be considered a privilege. We was impressed by the conversations via sign language because it makes us appreciate different ways of expressing sentences. The Tuba Thieves is a great interpretation of sound and a great essay of investigating the concept of the effects of sound on our everyday lives. We think you should give the film a watch but we believe it better to watch it in complete silence.

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