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Brothers Broken Review

This week we had the opportunity to review the documentary "Brothers Broken" which is about the band named People and the brothers behind them whose relationship was torn apart because of their connection to Scientology. Geoff and Robbie Levin the brothers who are the focal point of the documentary but the film also show how Scientology can cause conflicts with families. The film starts from the beginning where the Levin brothers are born and where their family structure is a point in their decision making into creating a band and then later on into Scientology. Here is where we see the seeds of People grow and what lead to their one hit "I Love You" Throughout the film you see interviews from Geoff and Robbie going into details about how one minute they are traveling the country trying to become the next Beatles into following a religious diatribe that is nothing like the Beatles path into spirituality. Some of the band members and former members of Scientology discuss how the effects of Scientology took a toll on the brothers' lives but their musical aspirations. Brothers Broken is definitely a thought out film where patience and time can be a gift for those who wait. To watch how the brothers got into Scientology and only to come out of it but years apart the film definitely tug on the heart strings a bit. It's not a bad thing but could be cliché at times.

We was impressed by the flashbacks of the 60s into the 80s where the brothers discuss the famous people they dated or married into the inventions they started. It was a fascinating trip into not just musical history but world history as well. Initially we thought this would be another documentary about another one hit wonder trying to make a comeback after not capitalizing when the iron is hot. Instead Brothers Broken is not only about a comeback but a rebirth. A great informational film and one that should not be overlooked in the festival circuit. Brothers Broken is directed by Geoff Levin and executive produced by Robbie Levin. For more information on the film go to


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