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CineKink 2023 Schedule.

The first foray of CineKink into the off-line world since the before times, is stepping out again with a new, hybrid edition of CineKink NYC…August 2-6!

There will be holding screenings at the new-to-us, accessible venue, The Wild Project, with mitigations in place to keep all of us safe(r) and will be making much of our programming available virtually, so that everyone can take part.

Featuring a specially-curated program of films and videos that explore a wide diversity of sexuality, the festival will also include filmmaker Q&As, a "Bring It!"-style adult entertainment showdown, a fancy garden party, an awards hoopla and a week-plus of virtual screenings to follow down the road. And most of all - a chance to (re)unite with fellow CineKinksters in a like-minded space.

They still updating the website with pictures, descriptions and more info on this year's kink-filled cinematic extravaganza, but take a gander at what they got in store for you…

Tickets go on sale next week…but you can grab a CineKink All-Access Pass NOW to make sure you can take it all in!


Wednesday, August 2 @ 8:00 pm Eastern / Kick-Off & Chill: A Garden Party

Special location: Bonnie Vee


CineKink Season Opener!

Thursday, August 3 @ 6:30 pm Eastern / Rough Edges


Lusty shorts!

Thursday, August 3 @ 9 pm Eastern / Get Off!

Pussy Love

Call Me

I Miss Your Cock

Gloryhole Theater: Storage Unit

Jelqing for Gains

The Proof is in The Pudding

More Than A Feeling

Eyes on Dulce



Mindful Pleasure

Friday, August 4 @ 7:00 pm Eastern / The Affairs of Lidia

+ Gloryhole Theater: Hungry and Gaylovers Travels


Spotlight screening!

Friday, August 4 @ 9:00 pm Eastern / Deep Throat: 50th Anniversary

+ panel discussion


Saturday, August 5, 2:30 pm Eastern / Braving the Binary

Stuart Cottingham: Here Comes The Pride

Immunized With A Gramophone Needle

Two Years


Make Me A King

A Brief Herstory of Miss Vera’s Finishing School for Boys Who Want to Be Girls


Saturday, August 5 @ 4:30 pm Eastern / In A Good Way

+ Photo of The Day


Kinky shorts!

Saturday, August 5 @ 6:45 pm Eastern / Ties That Bind

Down for Dee

Our Language Is Chaos

Krush the Wrestler

Gloryhole Theater: Knife

Good Girl

Oral History

State of Mind

Safe Word

Home Movies: Pervy Pets

Trimming the Wick


Saturday, August 5 @ 9:00 pm Eastern / Secret Screening!

Shh…it’s a secret!

+ Superhero’s Embrace, Finding Love: The First Test

and Psychotronic Sirens


Sunday, August 6 @ 1:00 pm Eastern / This Is Where I Get Off

+ No Siren Left Behind


Sunday, August 6, 3:00 pm Eastern / Make It Work

Red Fried District

Gloryhole Theater: The NDA

House of Whoreship

All Appetite

Flyby Cathy

Woman Meets Girl

Rituals: An Intimate Portrait of Kali Sudhra


Our annual adult cinema smackdown…

Sunday, August 6 @ 4:45 pm Eastern / Bring It!


Babygurl’s Big Birthday Bang

Bang Click Bang




Männerabend / Men’s Night

Merry Clitmas

No Translation


FREE – drink a toast to our filmmakers!

Sunday, August 6 @ 8:00 pm Eastern / CineKink Awards & Wrap Party

Special location: Lucky B


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