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Ghosts In The Void: Festival of Cinema 2023

Another film screening opportunity we got was to witness Ghost In The Void. A horror film that's more psychological than scary but nonetheless does what it needed to do. The premise of the film is about Jen and Tyler Wilson, a couple who have falling on hard times due to debt and once creditors catches up to them. They get evicted from their home and start living in their car. One night the couple park in a secluded park where they want a good night sleep and this is where things gets interesting and spooky.

Directed by Jason Miller and filmed in Chicago, the scenery fits the couple perfectly as they struggled to keep themselves together and survive what's outside the car. Tedra Millan who plays sleep deprived Jen Wilson brings a relaxed but triggered personality that embodies the character perfectly. You almost feel sympathy and empathy for her but you realize she also in enabling her husband's issues you don't feel bad after all. Michael Reagan who plays Tyler is good as a alcoholic who struggles to write a novel after getting dropped from his publisher. The twist where a group of individuals who the couple thinks is scaring them but really there for their own pleasure is a unexpected twist that the audience isn't ready for. Also the flashbacks sequences is well thought out to give us a great backstory of the couple.

Overall it's a good psychological horror film but the ending comes off flat since the buildup was so strong. Hopefully this is a shortcoming that the director will overcome if he wants to tap into horror filming again or psychological drama. This is definitely a film that will hit Netflix or Paramount plus later than sooner.


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