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Indeed Rising Voices Season 3: Sarajin

After the closing of this year's Tribeca Film Festival, Indeed Rising Voices has continued to showcase films that inspire and spark conversations among us. For their season 3 they gave us the opportunity to talk about "Sarajin" which means "Disappearing" in Korean. The movie is about a immigrant family living in Alaska trying to make ends meet due to snow crabs disappearing in the ocean and decide whether to leave or not. This short film directed by Justin Kim WooSok explores the limits of what a family must go through just to survive and it is best to break away from routine, The family in the film is realizing that it may be best to leave Alaska due to the disapperance of snow crabs which is benefical to your livelyhood yet the patriarch wants to stay because he feels it will get better before it gets worse. The film is in subtitles for the most part and when the dialogue turns into English you realize the father is trying his best to speak better English among his co workers but it is a struggle.

The cinematography is magnificent as you view the landscape of Alaska and the beauty of seeing the wildlife in full bloom. Sarajin clocks in at 16 minutes but in those minutes you are able to witness the family goes through to make their decision. We love the acting from Jongmon Kim as the deckhand. He personifies what a immigrant father must deal with daily as he tries to balance family and finances. His dialogue is brilliant and represent the struggle most immigrant men deal as they encounter their American coworkers. The film premiered at Tribeca and is making rounds in the festival circuit. We feel that this film should make its mark primarily among films that helps BIPOC filmmakers to get their stories out there.

Hopefully you will get the opportunity to watch this film in the festival circuit or on streaming services when its available. Thanks to Indeed Raising Voices to allow us to screen the film. For more information on Sarajin and any film showcasing this season on Rising Voices go to


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