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Judy Blume Forever Review

We was attending the premiere screening of the documentary "Judy Blume Forever" for the DOC NYC Select Series. Judy Blume Forever is of course about the famous(or infamous depends on who is talking) author whose children's books are influential yet controversial at the same time. The documentary which had a pause due to the pandemic in 2020 picked up in the following year to chronicling Judy's career, authors that she influenced and of course critics of her work who feel she was more adult than for children. The film starts in Florida where Judy now resides with her husband and runs a book store in the middle of the pandemic. Judy sits down and reminisce about her career and it affected her choices in her life. Davina Pardo and Leah Wolchok, directors of the film gives her fans a imitate look in the author's life to pin point what inspired her to write certain novels and how they affected not only her but her fan base too. The directors gets some of her peers who was fans to discuss how important Judy was to them and their career.

Periodically the film weaves through the years of Judy's life from her strict Jewish upbringing to her marriages and where certain events inspire her to write specific novels. There were scenes where you see her mood change when she speaks about her family especially her father who passes away right before her first wedding. Even as some writers who grew up reading her books felt that her writing is a bit outdated because of the language she uses. We felt that the film gives us a great definition of how important and impactful her books are/were in their lives. This was a great documentary to show that Judy Blume is still impacting writing even though she haven't wrote novel in decades and her influence continues to grow. A well crafted film that keeps the audience reminiscing and still expressing themselves in their writings as if they were kids sending her fan mail.


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