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Momentum Panels 2023

In the last weekend of June we was able to check out CBN Momentum 2023. It's a convention of all things Caribbean from brands to businesses to culture. Being that we were first timers it was quite a experience especially when your parents and foundation is based in the Caribbean. We check out the marketplace which was free to enter the entire weekend and there was some great businesses to check out. From food to clothing to even floor rugs, there was something from the islands for everyone. We had the opportunity to try some Trinidad chicken dumplings from a vendor names Wonton Hut. The dumplings tasted amazing. There's a crispy outer shell then inside was seasoned chicken that tasted as if Mom made it. Needless to say we finished the container in no time flat. Some of the businesses came straight from the West Indies and some are based in New York and the States. We got check out on some floor rugs from Third World Famous (great ode to the Caribbean) and they was impressive. You definitely need to check out their website: Unfortunately we did not get walk throughout the entire marketplace we will say that had we did we would be broke from the amount of things bought.

There was a upper level where the panels of the day took place and in between each panel was a networking mixer where drinks were flowing and the conversations were great. It was fantastic to see West Indian people gather together with a goal to connect and build brands. Speakers from all over the Caribbean gathered to everything from tech to music to curating events. To say that knowledge was dropped during the panels would be a understatement. Let's just say that you had to witness the jewels pass out for those who wanted to obtain. We even got to see some special guests like Mr. Eazi, a dancehall legend. Overall this is the event that every Caribbean American in the five boroughs should attend for the atmosphere and energy. Hopefully we get another chance next year to cover it.

Thanks to Carib Biz Network for the opportunity and look forward to attend next year's convention too. For information on Momentum 2023 go to


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