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Movie Time: Mermaid's Lament

We got watch a independent film directed by GB Hajim (Strange Frame) titled Mermaid's Lament. The film is about two women who finds each other in the strangest occurrence (almost gets hit by car) and gains strength while they both struggle with personal issues. Oee (Dayva Summer Escobar) is a woman who is traumatized and may be a mermaid. Dr. Neil Jamison (Justina Mattos) is Oee's therapist who battles with anxiety herself but tries to help Oee connect to reality and stop being delusional.

Throughout the film there's a mix of illustrations of the ocean and industrial life where Oee feels completely different and out of touch with humans. However Dr. Neil tries her best to show her that the modern world is real and she can not survive under water. There are some interesting scenes in the film that can be confusing as you see flashbacks of past incidents to explain the backstory. However you could get lost in the scenery of the ocean if you following correctly. There isn't much dialogue since Oee is potentially a mermaid and Dr. Neil do the most in flashbacks and protecting Oee from society. We like how the film tries to be inspiring but lost in the film is how to be inspired. There is beautiful cinematography but the story was a bit hard to follow and understand.

A beautiful visually film indeed but Mermaid's Lament doesn't hit the emotional strings right. GB Hajim may need another vehicle to try again.


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