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Movie Time Review: The Activated Man

Another movie that we got a chance to screen was the supernatural horror film "The Activated Man" which had its premiere at Dance With Films 2023 in NYC. We did not get the opportunity to screen it then but we got to view it later and we must say it was worth the wait. The film is about a man named Ors Gabriel loses his dog to cancer and the strange visions he have from the trauma of losing one's pet which blurs the line of reality and fantasy.

On one hand it is a mysterious stalker film with supernatural tendencies mixed in with psychological warfare and then there are self help themes on the other hand. Throughout the film it tries to balance it self out and when it does gain some solid footing it's over. Director Nicholas Gyeney in his directorial debut do his best by having some horror film legends (Tony Todd and Kane Hodder) to give the film some chills and frightening looks. The script wasn't bad but as we stated earlier it was all over the place. but the acting is really good.

Overall for horror fans The Activated Man is definitely one worth checking out and if you need motivation while being stalked this is definitely one for you.

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