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Music Time Review: Ethan Iverson "Technically Acceptable"

Branching out and experimenting is what we do best here. It should be a surprise that we got the opportunity to preview and review the second Blue Note album from pianist extraordinaire Ethan Iverson titled Technically Acceptable. A project that features two different trios: Thomas Morgan/Kush Abadey and Simón Willson/Vinnie Sperrazza performing a set of Iverson originals along new interpretations of "Killing Me Softly With His Song" and "Round Midnight" The album is a tour de force of ideas that ranging from pop to traditional jazz. Iverson really put out a project that live up to the standard of the legendary label and jazz pianists across the board.

The opening track "Conundrum" is a paino led track that is uptempo and light. It sets the tone for the rest of the album with a furious pace and fantastic play on the keys. After that you get into the next three tracks including the title track which is a great standout piano tune with Kush Abadey leading the charge. Technically Acceptable is literally two albums in one. The first half is with Kush and Morgan who does a great job with their performances and timing. While the first half of the album is sonically uplifting and enlightening. The second half with Wilson and Sperrazza becomes melodic and soothing. The versions of Killing Me Softly and Round Midnight sets the mood for a candlelight dinner or quiet evening at home. The other track The Feeling is Mutual is a great lead into the Piano Sonata that Ethan wrote and performing it for the first time on this album. The Piano Sonata is broken into three parts: Allegro Moderato, Andante and then Rond. Iverson performs solo on the three parts to let the fans know that how great he is on the keys. The performance on each piece is exceptional and fantastic.

The album which is 13 tracks and clocks around 50 minutes is a great piece for the trained jazzear looking to know where all the pianists have gone to the new fans who are learning jazz piano and want to know how to sound with a trio or two. Technically Acceptable is a fantastic body of work and one that should be a favorite for album of the year. To purchase and stream the album go to


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