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Socially Relevant Film Festival Wrap Up Part I

March 18th 2023. Cinema Village hosted the 2023 Socially Relevant Film Festival for the weekend and we were able to preview some films in the process. First it was a short film titled The Pratt in The Hat. A short film about a activist from South Carolina and her obsession with hats and not just any hats. Ones that are extravagant and colorful for outside especially when attending church. It's a great film about not only black history but women's and American history as well. Dr. Pratt's activism for voting rights and education is highlighted throughout the film but for the most part it's about the hats. It is quite fascinating to see a elder still around and still expressing themselves fashionable. A great film, we high recommended. The next film was titled We Will Not Be Silent. A powerful film about a elementary class performing a spoken word piece for Martin Luther King Day after the January 6th invasion. The teachers and supervisor are involved with the kids every step of the way as they prepare to perform during the pandemic. The film is based in Nebraska and the schools were trying their best to keep the kids interested and motivated during COVID. It is a great interpretation of determination and what children can achieve with the right guidance and mentors. Another film that we was able to watch was Asphalt. A great film from Denmark directed by Charlotte Madsen. Lasse is a trucker who goes by a strict routine daily until his daughter shows up after not seeing her for more than 15 years. From there the two go on a cross country trip that changes their relationship and expose some painful truths about their family. There were some great performances throughout the film especially Lasse. Asphalt is a great international film and the cinematography was brilliant.


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