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The Falling Season by Masta Ace

From a connection of ours, we found out that one of the great storytellers of our time is writing and producing a play to be performed on Broadway. The storyteller that we talking about is Masta Ace. You probably know the story: Juice Crew member, Founder of Masta Ace INC bka The Inc., photographer and renowned lyricist. Now add playwright to the resume, it's nice to be alive one of the great pens decides to go another route. Recently there was a few readings of the play and from what we saw on social media there have been great reviews so far. Hopefully we will get a chance to witness the next early reading. From what we know the play draws inspiration from three of his albums: Disposable Arts, A Long Hot Summer and The Falling Season and features a cast of battle rappers and seasoned veterans along with his wife Leschea. The production is in conjuction with the Rhymes Over Beats theater collective. We are very interested to see how successful this play will be. For now stay tuned with us for updates.


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