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Water Seed Nublu Residency 19.07.2023

We got a chance to visit Water Seed, the future funk /jazz band who is unapologetic and brash. We chronicled their latest music a while back and now we get the opportunity to discuss their live performance from their residency in Nublu. They will be will there for every Wednesday in July. To be honest we can't describe their live performance because words wouldn't do it any justice. It was completely amazing how the band running songs with no break and no mistakes. They impress us with their interactions with fans and their peers. The first act to hit was a impressionable rapper who goes by the name is Kr3wcial pronounced Crucial. Straight out from New Orleans like most of the supporting performers along with Water Seed. His raunchy lyrics with a mix of comedy and emotions was a great way to start the evening. His charismatic presence keep the crowd at ease and grooving with his infectious choruses and flow. Once his partner Addi joined him on the stage it made for a combination of raw lyrics and southern hospitality. Kr3wcial is definitely one to keep a eye out in the future. We look forward to seeing him around for a long time especially coming out of the burgeoning New Orleans music scene.

Next was the energetic Dawn Richard who you may know from her days on Bad Boy either with Danity Kane or Diddy Dirty Money. Nowadays she's been doing her solo thing by putting out several albums in the last couple of years. Her presence was a bit of surprise due to the fact that she had a flight but the energy was there from the jump and kept going from there. Albeit a short set it was good to know that she still putting out music and getting away from that Bad Boy era completely. The next act was Flagboy Giz, a Indian(like Native American) rapper from New Orleans was a highlight from start to finish. We think the crowd never stop dancing during his set. Wearing a traditional Mardi Gras outfit with Indian feathers Flagboy looked the part and started Mardi Gras late on a Wednesday night. We were surprised there was no umbrellas and second lines because it felt like we were in the festival but New York style. We couldn't believe the response the crowd gave as they were in a complete trace of rhythm as Giz rap over some traditional New Orleans bounce beats that kept the party up until it was his time to leave.

As we said before the band did not stop the momentum when all their friends left the stage. Water Seed decided to play some extending versions of their singles such as 24 Days and old school jams. The last hour turned into a extended jam session but the energy was sustained until the end of the show. Take our advice and catch the final day of their residency next week, you best to bring dancing shoes and outfit because you will sweaty but worth it. For tickets for Water Seed final night at Nublu go to


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