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New Music Alert: Ninety "Move"

Another new music alert and this time it's coming from the Bronx. Ninety(a reference to his born year) is a rapper trying to make a name for himself out of these New York streets among the likes of Jay Critch, Pop Smoke and LilTJay. Even though NY has been going through a renaissance of late with all the young talent coming out, it's nice to see that some youngins respect the foundation and continue the legacy. Ninety is definitely in the latter when it comes to lyrics and subject matter. His latest single "Move" which is available on all streaming services showcases Ninety's flow over some dark snares and kicks. His lyrics such as "I ain't with the crippin but I'm about that blue" shows that punchlines and metaphors haven't left the building yet. I was impress by the production courtesy of Drizzy Banko that help enhances the lyrics and keeps the head nodding at the same time. I definitely think Ninety got something going here(I said the same thing about another BX native Maliibu Miitch a couple years back) Hopefully he's on the same path but for now check out "Move" on these streaming services below:



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