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#NewMusicAlert Lex One "Wonder Jungle"

Finally getting around to post some new music for y'all so bear with me as I continue to rummage through the inbox. I saw this link and was like "I heard about him but how do he sound" After listening to the song a few times I must say he is better than rappers coming out of Florida these days but that's not saying much. I had to see is he worth the attention and based off this video I must say not really. There is potential there and he has room to grow but we shall see what happens down the road. As far as the video goes this is one of the best videos I've seen in a long time and reminded me of the days when rappers was competing on who had the best video of the year. Just when I thought video was dead, this pops up and brings a cool air back to the scene. I wish rappers and even singers today shoot more cinematic videos than the usual hood fare.

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